Become a Broker

Let our Commercial and Investment Loan Specialists handle the transaction for you… all while receiving a commision for services provided to your client.

Our Commercial and Investment Loan Specialists can conduct transactions smoothly for you. By trusting Commercial Connexion’s professionals with commercial and investment loans, you can concentrate on what you do best building client connections. We appreciate broker collaborations and recognise your efforts.

Take advantage of a changing market and get loans done without the pressure rigorious underwriting criteria.

The financing market is always changing, and we want to help brokers like you adapt. Commercial Connexion offers loans without strict underwriting. Utilise our adaptable, agile solutions to market changes. We streamline the financing process so you can conclude agreements with confidence. Commercial Connexion helps you adapt to market changes and secure financing quickly. We let you redefine loan success with a more responsive approach.

Most of our Commercial Loans DO NOT require TAX RETURNS. Let’s get you and clients needs met as soon as possible.

Most Commercial Connexion Commercial Loans don’t need tax returns since we know how important it is to satisfy financial obligations quickly. This speeds up and simplifies the process for you and your customers. We prioritise expediency without sacrificing quality to get you funding without significant paperwork.